President’s Message

President's Message

Gamal A. Bin Eshaq

President & CEO

Upon founding G.M. Applied Technologies Canada Inc. I was fueled by a strong desire to lead this company by the same ideals of the proven methods of success I used in the telecom engineering industry. My 30 years of experience in the telecom and networking industries have allowed me to influence and guide GMATechs as a whole. We at GMATechs continuously creating new and innovative technological solutions under our motto, “Building an Open Innovation for Smart Cities and Technologies.”


Today, G.M. Applied Technologies Canada Inc. has flourished into one of the most reputable solution providers in the telecom industry.


We recognize that the needs of our consumers are diverse and acknowledge the necessity to support the individuality among customers, as well as our own subsequent necessity to be flexible and provide tailored solutions to problems. We continue to exert our energy into monitoring the constantly fluctuating market trends and needs and expanding our own methods accordingly. We will continue to provide unique, high-value products based on the most advanced
technologies today and push ourselves to find innovative ways to create an unprecedented caliber of value, increase efficiency and provide a high level of service to our clients.


We are a company whose source of motivation rests in our clients, and we deeply appreciate your continued support and trust. We at GMATechs believe that we can create a mutually beneficial relationship with all of you and eagerly look forward to the road ahead.


I’m pleased to share with you some of our awards and recognitions of achievement that were obtained from Royal Saudi Land Force and Ministry of Higher Education – UQU as further evidence that GMATechs provides you with qualified, passionate professionals who put you first.