As a leading fiber optics provider, we focus on
designing and proposing innovative system integration solutions to our clients.

System Integration Service

GMATechs is fully equipped and skillful in all aspects of telecom engineering services, be it the installation of a single telecom unit or the takeover and renovation of an entire telecommunication infrastructure. Our system integration service undergoes an extensive and detailed process to ensure that you receive the highest possible level of quality and effectiveness. The stages involved in the development process are analysis, defining, design, execution, training and maintenance.

Engineering and Consultation Service

During the consultation services, the client is able to speak with a skilled professional about their needs and ask any questions they may have. By developing an understanding of your business needs, we can craft innovative and effective technological solutions that don't replace but rather enhance and expand upon the best features of your current telecommunication infrastructure.

Analysis Phase

During the initial analytic phase of a project, we work with you extensively to gather as much information about your needs, goals and ideas as possible. Then we devise a list of potential solutions that are created specifically for your project.

Defining Stage

During this period of a project’s development, we narrow the scope of the project and work on tailoring our proposed solution to fulfill your needs and meet your objectives.

Execution Phase

This is the most anticipated phase of any project as it marks the beginning of its use. We supply our materials crafted solution and oversee it from start to finish.

Testing Phase

In order to validate and verify the effectiveness of our implementation, we run the project through a variety of tests to ensure the quality of the integrated telecommunication system as well as guarantee that all of the client’s needs and goals initially agreed upon have been satisfied.


After the project has been approved of by the client, we then provide training to your team in a factual but easy-to-understand format that promises your project will be left in capable hands.


We provide ongoing support and maintenance to all of our clients, regardless of their project size.

Whatever your Telecommunication Needs May be, GMATechs is the Answer.